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Fantasy 100 is devoted to bringing you the very best in fantasy fiction. Here you will find Top 100 lists and short reviews of the all-time greatest fantasy books, films and TV shows. The lists are based on statical surveys of popular polls, award information and critical opinion.

The Book Series List
Recognising the difference between stand-alones and a series - this list was split off from the main list in mid-2013. In truth, it is probably closer to what most contemporary readers think of as 'fantasy'. The qualification rules are the same, but by nature, entries in most series listed tend to be more formulaic.
(Updated 9 December 2017)

The Stand-Alone Book List
Originally including all the great fantasy series, this list is now entirely devoted to books that can be read as stand-alones - from child's play to academia. To qualify a book has to be generally regarded as fantasy by credible sources and/or be of historical significance to the development of the genre.
(Updated 9 December 2017)

The Film List
A statistical survey that includes data from noted critics and popular polls. The qualification rules are similar to those used for the book lists and for statistical purposes films in a series are usually treated as stand-alones. Exceptions to this rule is include film series that maintained consistent quality throughout.
(Updated 10 December 2017)

The Television List
Based on data gathered from a statistical survey and a direct poll of fantasy television experts - including critics, editors and website managers. Shows often classified under other genres but containing significant and notable fantasy content (e.g. The Avengers & The Wild, Wild West) qualify for inclusion.
(Updated 10 December 2017)
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