General Reference

British Fantasy Society - UK organisation aiming to promote fantasy.
Dragon Crush - Somewhat unique online dating service for fantasy fans.
Dragon Page - Unique SF/Fantasy radio talk show with an online feed. - Index to fantasy and sci-fi episode guides.
FantaFiction - Website about fantasy books that is still growing.
Fantastic Fiction - Book database with plenty of info on fantasy authors.
Fantasy Factor - Fantasy writing tips and articles on fantasy fiction writing.
Fantasy Fan - A site for fantasy fans with several interactive features.
Fantasy Films - Essay focusing on the history of fantasy films.
FantasyBookSpot - Site offer reviews of speculative fiction books, specialising in fantasy. Book review site with growing list of over 500 fantasy authors.
GEOS (SF Television) - Comprehensive opinion survey of current shows.
Heart o' Glory - Fantasy page from a site dedicated to medieval mania.
Hologram Tales - Good sci-fi webzine hosted by SF Crowsnest
Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase - Massive database of genre literature.
Locus Magazine - Mainly sci-fi, but lots of fantasy info as well.
Mythopoeic Society - Home of the Mythopoeic awards for fantasy literature.
Science Fiction & Fantasy World - Good online webzine with a healthy dose of fantasy.
Science Fiction Weekly -'s highly-regarded speculative fiction webzine.
Scifind - UK speculative fiction site with DVD news and reviews.
SF Booklist - A good user-friendly sci-fi/fantasy bibliography.
SF Site - Good online webzine covering both sci-fi and fantasy.
SFWA - Science fiction & fantasy writers association with lots of good stuff.
Specusphere - Collaborative Australian online speculative fiction magazine.
TV Tome - Television series database that tosses fantasy in with sci-fi.
World Fantasy Convention - Info about the conventions and awards.
Yahoo SFF Television - Guide to television fantasy and sci-fi websites.
Wikipedia Articles - History of fantasy with links to related Wikipedia articles.

Other Lists

Basilisk Fantasy Poll - Site visitor poll of all-time top fantasy books.
Cawthorn & Moorcock - Contents of Fantasy: The 100 Best Books.
Fantasy Finder - A poll of site visitors featuring a "democratic" list of books.
ForeignFilms Fantasy - Top foreign (i.e. not American) fantasy films list.
IMDB Top 50 Fantasy - Poll of fantasy films from the net's top movie database.
Internet Book List - Book database that can generate lists of fantasy books.
Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy List - The original online speculative fiction poll.
Locus Top Fantasy Novels - A poll of the all-time best fantasy novels.
Majordojo's Top 100 - A list of fantasy books derived from the Internet SFF list.
Pringle's 100 Best - A critic's chronological listing of the best fantasy books.
Raven's Reviews - A pop-up riddled poll of the top 100 speculative fiction books. - Fantasy dominated Top 100 book list based on a site visitor poll.
Top Fantasy Authors - List of authors based on a poll of site visitors.

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